Client Choice Food Pantry

Our pantries are like a small grocery store, where shoppers can make wise food choices based on the preferences and nutritional needs of their families. Client Choice pantry shopping is offered to enrolled clients monthly, or more often, depending upon household circumstances. They are welcome to “shop” from a supply of nutritionally balanced groceries, including fresh produce, frozen meat, canned and dry goods, bread and pastries, dairy products, deli products, and other miscellaneous products such as condiments, snacks, baking products, and more.

Balanced nutrition is encouraged and we offer various opportunities for clients to learn easy and affordable recipes and meal plans designed to help incorporate healthy habits in their household. Click here to view our schedule of Nutrition & Wellness Programs.

Households who are in the process of enrolling may be provided a pre-selected crate of food known as an “emergency service” in order to get nutrition into the household until they can be fully enrolled. Clients experiencing homelessness may visit their nearest branch every business day to receive a “day bag” including a ready-to-eat meal, snacks and a beverage.

If your household requires assistance, please call (772) 286–4673 or visit your nearest service center to learn how to enroll at House of Hope.

Enrollment FAQs