House of Hope Impact

The impact that House of Hope’s offered programs and services will have on each household’s individual situation can vary and grow exponentially over the course of their time with House of Hope. Some individuals may only need our assistance for a short time to get past an acute set-back or crisis, and others may need more time to progress beyond needing us as they grow with case management and utilize relevant resources.  Another segment of those we impact includes fixed-income seniors and disabled clients who may need House of Hope to help fill resource gaps over the long term.

In 2021, House of Hope distributed 2.1 million pounds of food and distributed $264,000 in financial assistance however, the impact goes well beyond quantifiable pounds of food or financial assistance spent. To empower local residents, House of Hope helps them to identify and facilitate choices as to how to best overcome their specific obstacles and the ways to start making change happen. By freeing up a significant portion of the household’s food budget and often assisting with an unexpected expense, targeted guidance can help serve as the tipping point for stability and in many cases, continued growth.

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